New Year, New Job

I think I mentioned before that I was putting in applications for jobs at a local hospital to try to get experience in the healthcare field, but also because I no longer like my current job and am ready to move forward in life.

Seeing all the posts on social media for 2018 that said things like, “If anything in your life is making you unhappy, it’s time to leave it behind” and “This year is about YOU”, really inspired me and got me hyped up like “Hell yeah this year is about me and it’s time to get rid of the things in my life that are dragging me down”.

So 2 of the 4 apps I had submitted were rejected and I didn’t let that get me down so I started looking at other hospitals. I found a position at another hospital as an Imaging Clerk which is absolutely perfect as I will be going into the Radiology Tech program at school either this Fall or next.

As I was filling out the application for this position, it asked why I was interested in this specific opportunity? So I filled in the box that I had been accepted into this program and I wanted my employment to reflect what I was going to school for and hope that it would be a huge learning opportunity not only for healthcare in general but because it was specific to imaging. I submitted it with pure excitement.

Two days later I received a call while I was at work and I almost didn’t pick it up, but then I was like, “Man, what if this is one of the hospitals?!” So I picked it up and sure enough it was the location for the Imaging Clerk position calling to schedule an interview. Wow, it felt like I had just won a million bucks in that moment.

I had my interview scheduled the following week and spent the few days prior practicing and preparing for my interview with HR. In the three jobs I have had, I have never had to go through an interview process, so I was a bit nervous. On the day of, in the afternoon, I walked into the HR department with my heart beating out of my chest and when the desk secretary asked what I needed, I could barely get the words out of my mouth that I was there for an interview. She happily checked me in and I sat down to wait for the lady I was meeting with.

Several minutes later, my interviewer called me over to her office and I smiled and shook her hand. I sat down across from her and she started asking questions. They were similar to the ones I had practiced but not quite on the dot and I didn’t have answers prepared and I felt like this interview was just going down the drain as I came up with stories similar to the questions she was asking, but I definitely could have had better answers.

She was getting to the end of reviewing my application after I had explained everything I do for my current job and she blurts, “You only paid $9.50 an hour??” I go, “Yeahhh”. I mean how sad is that. At least someone can see I’m worth more.

So we finished up and she goes “I’m going to send you up to the head of the department now, you can just head upstairs and ask for her.” Internally I was freaking out, “Omg, I got a second interview within an hour. How in the hell did I manage that?!”

I went upstairs to meet the head of the department and we hit it off like old friends. We talked for about a half hour and I had lost all nervousness and self-doubt. She offered me time to shadow the position which I am doing tomorrow and if I was made an offer, she could have me cross-trained for other positions to help immerse me into the environment.

I go in for shadowing tomorrow so fingers crossed it goes extremely well and they give me an offer.

They seem to really take pride in helping students learn and advance which is really amazing and so different from the environment I am currently in that really views education negatively. I think being a soon-to-be imaging student gave me a leg up in the interview process, so I can only hope that they give me an offer and I can put in my notice asap.

I have never been more excited to start a new chapter in my life.

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