Finally Won A Chicken Dinner On PUBg

So me and the BF having been playing PUBg non-stop basically for the last two weeks since I downloaded it. We play mostly as a squad with two of our friends on XBox. We had been doing pretty good for awhile making top 10-20 almost every game.

They tell me I must pray to RNGesus every day because we usually group back up after looting a few buildings and I have all the good weapons and armor and they all have a level 1 backpack and a pistol. It’s hilarious.

The last five days though haven’t gone as well so the BF has been getting pretty frustrated and going back to playing Overwatch and then continuing to be frustrated because he can’t get back up to masters where he was last season. He’s even struggling on my low gold account. He thinks it’s because of the new SR system and also he keeps getting matched with bad and toxic teams.

So I continued to play solo on Pubg to get some practice in. Like I said before, I’m not good at fighting people, but I am good at staying alive. I was taking the strategy of looting buildings and areas and getting myself set up and then going for the circle and not avoiding buildings even if I knew someone was inside. I would still get wrecked but it was good practice and I started getting 1 kill per game.

The BF and I decided to duo on Saturday night after we got home from dinner. Our other friends were playing other games, so we went off on our own. We were doing great throughout the game and had good gear and he had a few kills. I got zero but I was good at looking out and spotting people so I would say something like “Look at North 15! There’s a bad guy there!” and he would knock them. At one point we were running across a field and were coming up to the base of the hill that the circle was on the top of and I DC’d right there out in the open. I was like “REALLY OF ALL TIMES?!?!?”

So he went up the hill in the white circle and had a good scope and a sniper rifle and watched my surroundings until I finally joined back in. The storm had passed me and my health was dropping but I made it up the hill in time and bandaged up. We were the first ones up there so I was calling out people and he was knocking them out. I knew there was a guy right behind us hiding. He never came out to fight us. I was yelling him out but the BF was knocking everyone else down until it was just him. I threw a flash bomb over the hill where he was and missed, but it pushed him out into view and the BF one shotted him. And so we won our chicken dinner. My first.

It was also a really great match because neither of us had to pick each other up once and neither of our health bars went into red so we did really well throughout the whole game and I made it to the end with him. He’s won with his buddies before but they all would die in top 20-30 and then he would take the win on his own.

The win was very exciting and I threw my arms in the air and we did a celebration dance!


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