Getting A DNA Test For Your Dog

We decided a couple months ago that we wanted to get Ozlo a DNA test. People always ask what he is and we can only tell them he is a mix of some sort. We wanted to have a solid answer for ourselves and for others.

Back in early December, we did a quick Google search on DNA tests for dogs. There is a good handful out there and pretty quickly we saw that Embark was being recommended everywhere. It is supposedly the best test with the most thorough results and not only do they tell you what your dog is, they draw a family tree of their parents and grandparents and where in the world they came from.

They also do a health test to see if they have any potential health risks and they go into traits as well. It’s super in-depth.

So in searching for the cost, it appeared to be about $200 for the kit. With Amazon Prime, I was able to get it for $180. It’s still expensive but every little bit helps.

We received the kit, registered his swab, and then proceeded to hold him down while we swabbed the saliva inside of his lip. He was not a fan and made a few escape attempts, but we got the swab and freed him. The box it comes in is also the delivery box to send it to their lab so it’s super easy. I put the swab in its tube and packed it up and dropped it in the mailbox the next morning.

Now to test their test, I didn’t give them any information other than he had a brindle coat. I didn’t upload a photo of him until after we got his results or try to assume what he was in his description. I was notified that we wouldn’t receive his results until early February, but we actually ended up receiving them by the end of December/ early January, so it was super fast.

For his health test, they said he is not at risk for any genetic diseases. He is a carrier for two gentic conditions, but is not at risk of having them himself. So that’s all good news!

They identified him as 35% American Staffordshire Terrier, 31% American Pitbull Terrier, 19% Labrador Retriever, adn 14% German Shepherd. Super cool! I combine it all now and say Am-Staff Pit-Lab Shepherd. I think they were right on the dot! We always guessed pit-lab, but it’s cool to know we were on the right track and have official scientific results. I would recommend this test to anyone and am so happy we did this for him.