Newly Addicted to PUBg on XB1

Hello virtual friends. Quick update on the last two weeks. I am feeling emotionally better. It’s still cold and it still sucks, but I don’t feel as down now. I think it was just some new-year-blues with a not-so-great start to it and I really needed something to focus on.

I now have 3 applications in at a local hospital for their various unit secretary positions. I am waiting to hear back on those, so fingers crossed for good news soon. I got the eleventh book to my favorite series that I’ve been reading/following for the last 6-ish years, the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones. Everytime I get a book in paperback, the next one is already published and out in hardback, so I just have to wait 6 months per book to get the new paperback and it’s amazing.

I had major site issues happen nearly right after I published my last post. I’ve been working constantly for the last two weeks to get everything fixed, which I officially did this morning. Basically all my connected sites (BlueHost, Jetpack, and WordPress) got disconnected somehow and I was chatting with all three supports and it took a week for someone to figure out it was the SSL certificate and that wasn’t installed correctly a few times and shout out to Sushmitha from BlueHost for being the best and installing it correctly so that I didn’t have to pay out the wazoo to fix it. So everything is back in working order now.

My new thing is playing PUBg on XB1. My boyfriend had Battle Royale on FortNite first and I only played with him a couple games before going back to Overwatch. When PUBg was released on Xbox, he got it and was playing that as much as he was OW. He wanted me to play with him and I wasn’t having fun with OW so I downloaded it and am having a total blast. I’ve been playing either duo with him or as a squad with his friends and I’m getting better, but he gives helpful advice for me to keep learning, especially from my mistakes.

I played a few solo games last night to practice and get better on my own. I am really good at finding good gear and surviving and hiding, but I am awful at battling other people. I pretty much instantly go down if another person sees me. So I’ve been working on getting better in combat and not just being a pack mule for the team.

I think I do better on my own in solo because I only have to make decisions for myself and not worry about 3 other people. I have been doing pretty good at diving and parachuting as far away from the drop-off plane as I can so that when I go to loot buildings, I know I’m the only one there and can take my time and find a car to get to the circle and then camoflage myself in the grass.

It’s super fun and addicting. We played until about 4:00 AM saturday night through sunday morning and then again until 3:00 AM last night through this morning. Needless to say, I am very tired. But I only fell asleep for a few minutes at work once today, so I’m not doing too bad.

This game has allowed me to be focused and excited about something and then I don’t feel so emotional and down on myself. It’s exhilirating and terrifying. Not terrifying in a bad way, but it just really gets you hyped up and when you hear a car heading towards you, it’s so nerve-wracking. But I love it. Now I need to squeeze in time for all the books I’m trying to read as well!