Winter Blues

Howdy Everyone. I haven’t written in awhile. I’ve been really busy with work and I was finishing up a busy semester in school. I finished top of the class in Psychology and Biology, so that’s pretty cool. I aced all my finals.

I’ve been accepted into a radiology program at school, though I won’t find out until March if I’ll be admitted into the Fall ’18 class or if I will have to wait until Fall ’19. Fingers crossed for Fall ’18. In the mean time I am reading the textbooks that will be used in the program to get a headstart on learning and give myself an introduction into what my future profession will be. I really want to work hard and do really well with this.

I will be taking Anatomy classes this spring semester. I already took them in high school, so hopefully they will be easy refreshers for me.

My mother is trying to get into the business of online selling, so I’ve been giving her advice and ideas on what to do and how to get started. Hopefully she and my sister will get that going soon and have another source of income to help them out.

I’ve been feeling really down lately. I think it’s mainly because of the harsh cold weather. I’m definitely the type of person whose ideal weather preferences are 55 to 80 degrees. Coldness makes my body ache and makes me feel very fatigued.

I want to be that person in the New Year who strives for a refreshing start and finds success in things and happiness. In reality, I spent the first day of the new year very hungover and on the second day found out someone hit my car in the parking lot at the loft. Now a corner on my bumper is cracked. I’ve felt completely exhausted every day and am ready to crawl back into bed before the day even starts. Last night I nearly cried myself to sleep. Fell asleep before I had the chance. I have done so a couple times in the last few months.

As of recently I’m missing home a lot. Not that it’s far at all. I just miss living at home with my parents and sister, and almost regret moving out but I still love the loft at the same time. Growing up sucks.

Work has been rough lately. I’ve found a lot of frustration in the company and those that I work with over the last few months. It’s still an amazing place and they do amazing things, but I just don’t think I’m the right fit there anymore. They could do better with someone in my place. I am more of an introverted quiet person who can definitely be social as needed, but I am a sales person. I never asked to be in sales, it just kind of happened and I really don’t love it.

To be productive in this new year, I’ve started working on a cover letter and resume to apply for some secretary positions at a local hospital to gain some experience in the healthcare field and hopefully make a little more than I am now. I’d love to save up and be able to afford a new car.

Right now, I wish it was Saturday and I could be wrapped up in a blanket fort with a book and a cup of coffee and a quiet tv show on in the background, cuddling with my dog. I just feel so down and I don’t know how to shake it. Need hugs.


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