What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Winning the lottery is something I think about a lot. By ‘a lot’, I mean it’s pretty much a daily basis thought. What would I do with it all if I won? What would you do with it? This probably sounds like I have a gambling problem. I don’t. I only play when the jackpot is upward of $300 million. Anything smaller is for peasants. Haha jk, I’d take anything I could get at this point. But I’d be broke if I played all the time, so I wait for the jackpot to be massive.

Maybe I’ll never win, but God I want to so bad. Like I’m sure everyone else does. I feel it in my bones that I’m meant to win. Like I’m sure everyone else does. Who knows. *Shrugs*

So back to what I would do with it. I’m not sure if I would take it all in a lump sum or the 30 year pay out. I guess either can be profitable if you do it right. It’s a shit load of money either way.

So theoretically, let’s just say the jackpot I win is like $700 mil. I’d start by sharing small portions with each of my family members: mom, dad, and sister. By small I mean like $5 mil each. They can do whatever they want with it, but they need to be responsible with it. I’d secretly have accounts for each of them with like $15 mil, earning interest of course, just in case they blow it. But I’d let them get a little panicked before I told them about it.

For myself, I’d quit my current job and finish the school program I’m starting. I’d like to think I would still work in the field of the program I’m getting into. I’d travel and see the world. Tokyo would probably be one of the first places I’d go see. I’d buy myself two new cars: an every day driving one (Toyota 4Runner) and a cool/pretty/fun one to say I have (Mercedes G Wagon).

I’d build myself an A-Frame cabin in the woods of somewhere cool. Like in the pictures you see on Pinterest. It would have solar panels, and be an eco friendly house. It would be cool for that to be either my full-time house or my get-a-way house for vacations and weekends so I can easily get away from the rest of the world. For a regular city house I probably wouldn’t spend more than $400 – $500k. I don’t really care to lose all the money spending it on non-sense and I don’t need much. I definitely wouldn’t buy a multi-million dollar house. That’s too much for me. Too much space to up-keep.

I’d open a dog shelter and save/take care of as many doggos as I could. There would be a ton of yard space for them to run around and enjoy and also have comfy beds and full bellies.

I’d also invest a good chunk and live on the interest to live comfortably for the rest of my life and allow my immediate family members to as well. The goal would be to not spend it all recklessly and end up broke and homeless. I’d try to be my smartest about it.

What would you do if you won?